Thursday, December 4, 2014

Halo Light Rifle Replica: Brought to for sale!

Completed Halo Light Rifle Replica Project: 

Halo Light Rifle Replica: Made with steel

One of the stated project goals for this piece was to make it feel like the real thing in your hands...if there were such a thing as light rifles anyway. This piece is made from welded cold-rolled 14 gauge steel. To say it is sturdy is to grievously understate the matter. When you hold this piece the weight and sturdiness and rigidity of the piece will sell you on the notion that you are holding a weapon designed for a Promethean knight.

The entire body of the light rifle is painstakingly hand-finished steel and produces an effect known as anisotropic reflection. These gleaming streaks of light immediately convey that the piece is REAL. The heft and sturdiness and coldness of the steel against your hand immediately tell your senses that you are ready for combat. 

The trigger is solid copper and it operates realistically. A number of other pieces are made from 1/4" copper plate. They provide highlights, punctuate the design, and help to frame the gleaming "reactor" section. 

The reactor core is made from cold cathode lighting encased in clear epoxy and two kinds of glass fragments. The appearance of these lights conveys a feeling of hot sizzling energy.

The scope is non-functioning. This was a small design concession. Instead I elected to make the piece look more like the original art. Inside the scope is a single cold cathode light which provides and internal glow. Two layers of textured glass create the each of the lenses for the scope.

The sides of the rifle are emblazoned with laser cut unit and squad insignias. The entire piece has been hand rubbed with cold-bluing to create the dark metal look of a Promethean firearm. The piece contains its own 5000mAh battery which provides for continuous operation for (I think it is a little under 2 hours. I haven't fully tested that yet). The piece could be hard-wired and plugged into a wall outlet if needed or if you prefer to carry your firearm at the convention I will supply a second battery.
- Steel and copper materials
- The piece is about 40" long and it weighs 28lbs.
- It cost about $2500 to produce in materials, etc.
- Build time was about 500 hours (spread over the course of about a year)
- I went thru several sets of leather gloves cutting and welding and grinding steel in a hot garage in Arizona. I hand sanded the steel for hours and hours and hours very much at the expense of my hands. I sacrificed a lot to build this project.
I want to thank my wife for her patience. Now we need some cash to try and replace my junk car with something decent. I have loved this piece and I hope you will too. Please enjoy the photos. There will be more to come. Contact me with any questions. I'm not sure how exactly I will go about selling the piece and I could certainly use your help. Feel free to publish this around the web. If you are interested in buying it please contact me. Thanks for looking.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to it...

OK. I've had time to regroup. I've realized how far from my standards the work was ending up. I'm back at it and I'm pulling apart the parts that werent working. The nose of the gun was crooked and warped from welding, there were holes and gaps, just a lot of problems. This time I'm not rushed, I've had some sleep, and I can enjoy the process. This will lead to a much better final product.

So close...

Sadly, I did not have the light rifle ready in time for Comic Con. After a couple hundred hours of welding and grinding in a scorching hot garage,gallons of sweat, and  tons of lost sleep...its just not there. 
This was completely heart breaking to me. But I will regroup and finish it right.

Halo Light Rifle prop replica: Just a few more days

July 18, 2014: So close to finishing the project (I am hoping to have it totally completed by July 23) Once all the pieces are welded the final sanding and polishing will begin.

Light Rifle: 10 Days to go

Halo Light Rifle Replica: Two weeks to go!

I have just under 2 weeks to go to complete the project in time for San Diego Comic Con. Here is a quick update. Working in steel can be very difficult.

I have just under 2 weeks to go to complete the project in time for San Diego Comic Con. Here is a quick update. Working in steel can be very difficult.