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New York 9/11 Memorial Project: Coffee Table

Building were built to scale. Made out of Aluminum, Glass, Maple. No Welds. No Visible Hardware.

This coffee table was created as a memorial piece after the events of 9/11. The main form is made out of aluminum crafted in my own garage. There are no welds and no visible hardware whatsoever. Working out this unusual form in such a way as to create a sturdy table required a good deal of engineering. The model of New York includes over 500 scale buildings which I cut one at a time on my bandsaw. Having grown up in New Jersey I have always had a great love for New York City. I felt the need to commemorate the city itself as well as to express my sadness for the events of that day, my gratitude for those who showed true courage, and my love for those who were lost.



  1. This is a great project that reflects ingenuity, love and devotion to a piece of entertainment that is incredible and awe-inspiring.

    You two rock!

  2. absolutely stunning work!

  3. A very elegant piece, love the minimalist-look.