Monday, June 25, 2012

Progress Update 6.25

My man completed the collar this weekend and it looks incredible! Each layer of aluminum was cut and sanded to fit perfectly together, there is a lot of detail so this was very time consuming.

We hit a couple bumps in the road this weekend, here are just a few:

- When screwing on the bicep plate to the connection my husband accidentally screwed all the way through the plate. We had to rip off the top piece of aluminum and start again with cutting and sanding the aluminum, this redo took at least 2 hours.

-We also had a great deal of trouble with coloring the aluminum on the collar. We put paint down then tried to attach the raised detail pieces and they wouldn't stick. We had to remove all the paint and start over. We then couldn't get the pieces to stick on properly, several tries later we were ready to paint. We had to tape off all the raised parts first (the negative space received paint) and paint. After the paint dried, we had to tape off all the lowed (painted) parts so the raised pieces could receive tinting and a clear coat of shellac.

Sorry for not having a finished picture, there should be one in the next blog post.

We painted the outer part first, then we had to tape off all the area that had been painted so the raised layers could be tinted with ink.

We also created the kneecaps and the connections. They still need to have foam placed inside for comfort and they need be painted. We bought a great vice for the workshop which has made bending the aluminum a lot easier.

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