Monday, June 11, 2012

Update June 11

We are really moving along, it seems like we are completing pieces everyday. We have about 2 weeks until our unofficial deadline to complete the project (the official deadline is July 10).

Coloring the aluminum
A number of people have asked whether we were going to keep the aluminum in its natural color - which is super shiny - or paint it. We always wanted to color/darken the aluminum, it just took a long time to figure out how to do it. Painting works, and it was out backup plan, but we wanted it to retain the metal look. We decided to use ink to color the metal, we then sprayed it with a clear coat finish (shellac). Each of the four coats was separated by 24 hours to allow it to set (anything less resulted in a lot of scratches).
Word of advice: This is not a preferred method, it is difficult and unreliable. We would recommend obtaining aluminum in the color you want before you start. Aluminum can be colored, but it usually requires anodizing or a chemical bath.

We painted the back plate and cut it to shape. It now lines up nicely on the sides with the chest plate. We still need to create the buckle connections for the back plate. We are going to make a new aluminum piece to cover the long red lights.

The gloves are ready to be glued.

The previous post contained picture of me wearing the forearm pieces however, the aluminum had not been painted at that point. Here is the completed piece (below).


  1. Very beautiful work, deeply the continuation of the armor.

    1. Thank you so much mx. In the next month we will be finishing everything up and putting it all together. We also have a big unveil coming which we haven't posted anything on yet. Your support and interest is deeply appreciated.

  2. I really look forward to seeing the continuation of the project!