Monday, June 25, 2012

Upper Leg plates

We have not updated the blog in a while but we have accomplished a lot over the past two weeks. We met our unofficial deadline to have the project 95% complete today (June 25). The thigh pieces were really difficult. We completed the lower part a couple weeks ago and have been putting off the upper plate because it was so complicated. Below you can see how we cut into the middle layer up at the top so we could weave a strap in and out, and then around the waist.

 We sewed detail straps (for around the legs) and obtained a thick fabric material to connect to the upper part- pop rivets and super glue were used to attach them to the aluminum.The following layer then contained 2mm foam to conceal the pop rivets and give the layers more height.

Above you can see the middle layer on the upper part have the slots for the straps the weave in and out. It essentially created a pair of "space chaps". This was a very difficult piece of the project!

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