Monday, May 7, 2012

N7 Space boobs: Part 2

Zoot may have to explain the number process thing, but it involved epoxy
Zoot update: Yes It involved Well the basic idea was to cover the fencing chest protector with thin craft foam to create the various panels and reveals. Then we thought we could just paint the foam. Well I wasnt satisfied with how that foam took paint so I tried surfacing it with a huge number of glues etc. It was a disaster. I should have just manned up from the start and glassed it with epoxy. That is what I did eventually. A lot of sanding and paint attempts later and it finally got there. 

More "Red Sand" bondo to make it perfectly smooth
Painted and sanded multiple times trying to work out the lumps

Very rough at this point. The N7 depression is a void in a sheet of acetate applied over top of the CP

Perfectly smooth at this point. (Zoot may disagree) We began to try out some paints, gorgeous huh!

Reinforced the back to correct and hold the shape
I should have reinforced it from the start. I kept working on in a flexible state and everything kept cracking. Lesson learned.-Zoot

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