Monday, May 7, 2012

N7 Chest Plate: Part 3

After MANY attempts we settled on paint for the piece. It is a custom blend of 2 automotive paints: "Xotic" Platinum Pearl and Black Pearl. This mix is sprayed on over black paint.
The boobs each got a 4 piece aluminum treatment. The in-game model shows these parts as having a single reveal line across know...middle...ish... area. AHEM. Well surfacing these round bits with only 2 pieces of aluminum wasnt feasible because aluminum only likes to bend on 1 axis at a time (If we owned a french wheel we could have tried to dish the material). Consequently I split the pieces into 4. A little artistic license. The N7 logo is coming soon as a birthday gift to Electric.

At this point we had used a black metallic paint that I HATED. Electric was satisfied but I thought it looked like fleckstone. It took me a lot of tests and trials to find something I was satisfied with.

You can see a little packing tape on those forearm pieces. That is protect from scratching.
-All the metal in these photos will get tinted a darker color later on.

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