Monday, May 7, 2012

N7 Armor build: Starting off

We began with file folders and quickly turned to using foam, chipboard, and PVC pipe, metal and who knows what else. The foam we are using is known as EVA foam interlocking floor mats) alomg with very thin (2mm and 3mm) black foam known as "silly winks" or "funky foam"  from Hobby Lobby. We started by looking online for source pictures. We we fortunate to run across Evil FX/ blog "Mass Effect N7 Armor Build" which follow his journey constructing both the male and female versions of the Mass Effect 2 armor. Thank you Evil FX, you do amazing work!

My very first piece, ha ha

Templates and source pictures
I spray painted my shoes with a Mass Effect stripe

First drafts began with file folders. 

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