Monday, May 7, 2012

N7 Chest Plate: Part 1

The chest plate, or "Space boobs" as they are sometimes referred, were extremely difficult. It started as a plastic fencing chest protector and we then added thin black foam over the entire piece. It was not wide enough so we added chipboard to create the correct shape. Brackets were also added at the top so we could create the little neck guard in the front (we called it the sneeze guard). 5 minute Epoxy was used to smooth it out and fill in the low spots, it was then sanded smooth. Ridges along the bottom were cut in and we applied the first base layer of paint.
- Electric

I kind of goofed with this piece and learned a lot of lessons. I kept trying to do things with quick fixes or simple methods instead of biting the bullet and doing it all the way. Consequently the space boobs went thru dozens of attempts at surfacing and painting. It was kind of a nightmare. In the end I decided to just sand the living B out of it and epoxy coat it.
Materials in the space boobs:
Plastic chest protector, acetate sheet, steel brackets, aluminum sheet, chipboard, duct tape, "funky foam", EVA foam, wood worker's glue, Gel medium base, 5 minute liquid epoxy, PC plumbers epoxy putty, Bondo spotting putty, Zap agap cyanoacrylate glue (super glue),a bout 8 different colors of regular spray paints (Molotow, Mtn 91) and 4 kinds of automotive paint. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah... Duct tape!!!

Filled in the low spots with 5 min Epoxy then sanded it flat.
First coat of paint, just a baselayer
Added in the ridge lines at the bottom

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